The Center for Business Preparedness is staffed by both full time professionals and a dedicated group of subject matter experts. Researchers, business partners, and other interested parties fit into different categories of members.

Funding the Center's full time staff comes from SDMI, who oversees all aspects of the Center's operations. The Center Director reports to the SDMI Executive Director and its budget is approved and monitored by SDMI.

There are five standing committees that make up the Center. One committee oversees the activities of each for the four areas of focus. A fifth group oversees the operations of the other four committees.

  1. Message Development
  2. Message Tools and Packaging
  3. Message Delivery
  4. Research Programs and Information Sharing
  5. Executive Oversight and Administration

The Center's Director chairs the Executive Oversight and Administrative Committee. This organization draws on SDMI for various administrative services including facilities, finance, human resources, contract assistance, and general administration.

Supporting the Director is a Board of Advisors (BOA) who serves at the pleasure of the SDMI Executive Director.


  1. Research Partners. Academics, members of the private sectors, NGOs, and researchers from all areas of government can apply to be a Research Partner. These individuals are granted access to otherwise restricted assets of the Center.
  2. Sponsoring Partners. These are organizations that provide financial support to the Center in exchange for various considerations. Effectively, any business that targets small and mid-size businesses and/or have a reputation for social responsibility,  and/or is interested in topics such as community resiliency.  Donations and grants are two examples of financial support that would qualify for this type of membership.
  3. General Members. This is a generic type of membership that is open to anyone. After approval of their application, General members can access certain research materials, participate in various group and social media activities, and are invited to attend a number of free and for-fee activities run by the Center.

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